Beronia Ecological 13.5% 0.75L



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Beronia Ecological, boasting a 13.5% alcohol content and packaged in a 0.75L bottle, represents the pinnacle of sustainable winemaking practices. This Spanish wine is a testament to the commitment of the Beronia winery to ecological stewardship and the crafting of premium wines in harmony with the environment. Produced from organically grown grapes, this wine not only appeals to the palate but also to the eco-conscious wine enthusiast.

The "Ecological" label signifies Beronia's dedication to organic viticulture, ensuring that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used in the vineyards. This approach not only preserves the natural biodiversity of the winery's ecosystem but also results in grapes that are expressive of their terroir, leading to a wine that is both pure and vibrant.

Upon tasting, the Beronia Ecological unfolds a rich tapestry of aromas and flavors. Expect to encounter a complex bouquet featuring dark fruits like blackberries and cherries, complemented by hints of spice and vanilla derived from its aging in oak barrels. The palate is rewarded with a full-bodied experience, where the wine's natural acidity and tannic structure balance the fruit-forward profile, culminating in a long and satisfying finish.

The 13.5% alcohol content ensures that the Beronia Ecological retains a robust yet approachable character, making it suitable for a wide range of dining occasions. Its versatility allows it to pair beautifully with everything from grilled meats and hearty stews to a variety of cheese and vegetable dishes, showcasing its ability to complement a diverse culinary spectrum.

Presented in a 0.75L bottle, this ecological wine is perfect for sharing with friends and family, embodying the spirit of conviviality and sustainable living. Beronia Ecological is not just a choice in wine; it's a statement of environmental responsibility and a celebration of high-quality, organic winemaking.

For those seeking to explore wines that are both environmentally friendly and of exceptional quality, Beronia Ecological offers an exquisite taste experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a meal, this wine promises to deliver not only on flavor but also on the principles of sustainability and respect for nature, making every glass a toast to the future of our planet.

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