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Hedonism 2024: From Grain to Gold - Limited Annual Release

Description: Embark on a remarkable journey with the Hedonism 2024 Limited Annual Release, "From Grain to Gold." Crafted by the renowned Scotch whiskymakers at Compass Box, this exceptional blend marks a pivotal evolution in whisky craftsmanship. Celebrating artistic brilliance and whisky mastery, this release introduces the first in a series of annual editions featuring unique label art by distinguished female artists. The 2024 edition showcases the mesmerizing work of Scottish artist Stephanie Rew, known for her compelling use of Early Renaissance gilding techniques and a modern painting style.

Hedonism, originally launched in 2000, was the pioneering Blended Grain Scotch that set the standard for the category. The 2024 release commemorates this heritage with a documentary that charts the evolution of grain whisky and the collaborative artistry involved in the making of this bottle. The film, titled "From Grain to Gold," will premiere in London and be available online, reflecting the brand's innovative spirit and dedication to storytelling.

Tasting Notes: The 2024 Hedonism reveals a symphony of flavors, with a palate featuring notes of salted caramel, spiced honey, mascarpone, and rich vanilla, finishing with a touch of subtle citrus. Each bottle contains a blend of old and rare whiskies primarily aged in first-fill Bourbon barrels, including some of the last grain whiskies from the 1990s. With only 8,000 bottles available, this limited release is a true collector’s item, blending timeless taste with contemporary artistry.

Product Highlights:

  • Limited Edition: Only 8,000 bottles available.
  • Artistic Collaboration: Featuring label artwork by Stephanie Rew.
  • Rich and Complex Flavors: Salted caramel, spiced honey, mascarpone, and vanilla.
  • Collector's Gem: Ideal for whisky enthusiasts and art collectors alike.
  • Premiere and Availability: Documentary premieres on 15th February 2024, online release on 22nd February.

Indulge in the unique convergence of art and flavour with Hedonism 2024. This isn’t just a whisky; it’s an encounter where tradition meets modernity, and art fuses with the craft of whisky making to create something truly extraordinary.

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