Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 13.5% 0.75L



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Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 is among the most prestigious Italian wines, recognized as a symbol of the highest quality and sophistication. This wine is produced in the legendary vineyards of Tuscany within the DOC Bolgheri Sassicaia zone, giving it a unique and unparalleled character.

With an alcohol content of 13.5%, it strikes an ideal balance between strength and elegance, making Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 a perfect choice for both celebratory occasions and a quiet evening. The 0.75L bottle size is classic and most preferred among wine enthusiasts, as it perfectly suits sharing while maintaining all the qualities of the beverage.

The 2018 vintage stands out for its complex aromas and deep flavor. Wine experts and aficionados note its rich palette of scents ranging from bright notes of ripe red fruits to subtle hints of tobacco and cedar, culminating in a long-lasting aftertaste with nuances of mocha and black pepper. This complexity and harmony of flavors render Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 a true masterpiece in the world of wines.

Combining tradition and innovation, Tenuta San Guido, the producer of Sassicaia, strictly adheres to sustainable viticulture philosophy. This not only ensures the high quality of the wine but also emphasizes respect for nature and its resources.

Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 is not just a wine; it is an embodiment of history, traditions, and craftsmanship of Italian winemaking. It will be a splendid addition to any wine connoisseur's collection, as well as an ideal choice for special occasions, when you want to highlight the importance of the moment and enjoy a genuinely quality drink.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of high-quality Italian wines, Sassicaia Bolgheri 2018 offers an excellent introduction, enabling a deeper exploration of the culture and traditions of winemaking. This wine will not only grace the table but also become a reason for profound conversations about wine, its history, and taste nuances.

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