Saumur AOC demi-sec Diamant de Loire 12% 0.75L



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Saumur AOC Demi-Sec Diamant de Loire, bottled at 12% alcohol content in a standard 0.75L bottle, is a delightful sparkling wine from the picturesque Loire Valley in France. This demi-sec (semi-sweet) expression offers a charming balance between sweetness and acidity, making it a versatile and appealing choice for a variety of occasions.

Crafted in the Saumur region, known for its exceptional sparkling wines made primarily from Chenin Blanc, along with possible additions of Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, Diamant de Loire is a testament to the winemaking heritage and climatic advantages of the area. The region's chalky, limestone-rich soil contributes to the distinct minerality and vibrant acidity of its wines, which shine through even in a sweeter style like this demi-sec.

Visually, the Diamant de Loire presents a bright, pale gold color with fine, persistent bubbles that promise a refreshing effervescence. On the nose, it exudes a bouquet of fresh orchard fruits such as green apples and pears, complemented by hints of white flowers and a touch of honey — a nod to its demi-sec designation which implies a gentle sweetness.

Upon tasting, the Saumur AOC Demi-Sec Diamant de Loire reveals a lively and rounded palate. The initial fruity sweetness is beautifully offset by a crisp acidity, leading to a well-balanced and moderately complex flavor profile. Notes of ripe peaches and subtle citrus zest are followed by a creamy texture that lingers, making each sip satisfying and memorable.

**Serving Suggestions:**
- **As an Aperitif:** Its semi-sweet nature and bubbly personality make it excellent for starting an evening or a celebratory event.
- **With Food:** Perfect with a range of dishes, especially well-suited to spicy Asian cuisine, rich foie gras, or fruit-based desserts that complement its sweetness and fruity character.
- **Cheese Pairings:** Try it with blue cheeses or soft, creamy cheeses for a delightful contrast.

Saumur AOC Demi-Sec Diamant de Loire is more than just a sparkling wine; it's a celebration of the Loire Valley's viticultural prowess. Ideal for those who enjoy the lighter, more refreshing side of sparkling wines with just a hint of sweetness, it serves as a wonderful introduction to the effervescent wines of this famed region. Whether enjoyed alone or with food, it promises to add a sparkle to any occasion.

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