Chateau Gloria 2017 Saint-Julien 13.5% 0.75L



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Tilpums: 0,75L

Alk. tilpums: 13,5%

Valsts: Франция


Chateau Gloria 2017 from the renowned Saint-Julien appellation in Bordeaux is a testament to the resilience and dedication to quality that characterizes this storied wine region. With an alcohol content of 13.5% and presented in a 0.75L bottle, the 2017 vintage offers a harmonious blend of traditional Bordeaux varietals, resulting in a wine that is both complex and elegantly structured.

This vintage showcases a deep ruby color, inviting the taster into a world of olfactory richness. The bouquet is a layered composition of dark fruits like blackcurrants and plums, elegantly interwoven with notes of cedar, tobacco, and a hint of spice – a nod to the wine's judicious maturation in oak barrels. These classic aromas are underpinned by the subtle presence of graphite and violet, adding depth and complexity to the overall sensory experience.

On the palate, Chateau Gloria 2017 reveals its full-bodied nature, supported by a backbone of finely grained tannins that promise graceful aging. The initial impression of dark berry fruits evolves into a more nuanced exploration of flavors, including mocha, licorice, and a refreshing mineral streak that leads to a long, persistent finish. This balance of fruit intensity with the structural elements of acidity and tannin showcases the winemaking artistry that Saint-Julien is renowned for.

The 2017 vintage, despite the challenges posed by the year's climatic conditions, stands as a testament to Chateau Gloria's commitment to producing wines of distinction and character. It is a wine that can be appreciated now for its youthful vigor and complexity but also holds the potential for development over the next decade or more, promising to unfold new layers of aroma and flavor.

Chateau Gloria 2017 is an exceptional choice for pairing with robust dishes such as grilled red meats, game, and hearty stews. Its elegance and depth also make it a suitable companion for refined cheese platters, where its richness and complexity can be fully savored.

For those seeking to delve into the prestigious offerings of Bordeaux's left bank, Chateau Gloria 2017 provides a compelling introduction to the excellence of Saint-Julien wines. It embodies the blend of tradition and innovation that defines the region, offering a wine experience that is both rewarding and representative of its esteemed heritage.

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