Chateau La Croix Du Casse 2013 Pomerol 13.0% 0.75L



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Chateau La Croix Du Casse 2013 from the prestigious Pomerol region embodies the opulence and finesse of one of Bordeaux’s most revered appellations. This vintage is encased in a 0.75L bottle, boasting a 13.0% alcohol content, reflective of the elegant restraint typical of the area. The year 2013 is noted for the meticulous care vintners had to take due to the challenging weather conditions, resulting in wines that are a true labor of love and expertise.

The wine unveils a deep ruby color, paving the way for the sensory experience that awaits. The nose is graced with an intricate blend of ripe red fruits, like cherries and plums, harmoniously intertwined with earthy undertones and a hint of truffle—a signature Pomerol characteristic. Delicate notes of oak and a whisper of dark chocolate add complexity to the bouquet.

Tasting the Chateau La Croix Du Casse 2013 reveals its true Pomerol pedigree. The palate is embraced by a tapestry of silky tannins and a rich yet balanced structure, bearing the lush fruitiness that Pomerol wines are cherished for. The finish is persistent, leaving an impression of refined elegance and a lingering taste of terroir-driven minerality.

This 2013 vintage is a testament to the resilience and skill of Pomerol winemakers, capable of producing grace under pressure. It is an ideal accompaniment to dishes such as beef bourguignon, lamb, or duck confit, which match the wine’s depth and character. While Chateau La Croix Du Casse 2013 is approachable now, it also has the potential to evolve and mature gracefully, promising to unfurl further layers of complexity with additional aging.

Chateau La Croix Du Casse 2013 Pomerol stands as a sophisticated choice for those seeking to experience the unique allure of Bordeaux's right bank, offering a wine that is both a pleasure to the senses and a tribute to the art of winemaking.

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