Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou 2021 13% 0.75L



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Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou 2021, with its 13% alcohol content housed in a 0.75L bottle, is a standout representation of the Cornas appellation within the Northern Rhône region of France. This wine is a testament to the Dumien - Serrette family's long-standing tradition and expertise in crafting exceptional Syrah wines. The Patou vineyard, known for its steep slopes and granite soil, contributes to the depth, intensity, and distinct minerality of this exquisite wine.

The 2021 vintage of Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou showcases the typicity and elegance of Syrah from Cornas, characterized by its concentrated flavors, robust structure, and aging potential. The wine is meticulously produced from vines that thrive under the unique microclimate and terroir of the Patou vineyard, resulting in a wine that embodies the essence of the region.

Upon tasting, the Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou 2021 reveals a rich and complex bouquet of aromas. Blackberry, dark cherry, and plum notes are seamlessly integrated with hints of pepper, leather, and earthy undertones, a hallmark of the Syrah grape. On the palate, this wine presents a powerful yet refined structure, with well-integrated tannins and a vibrant acidity that leads to a lingering, memorable finish. The careful aging in oak barrels further enriches the wine, adding subtle nuances of spice and vanilla, enhancing its overall complexity and depth.

With its 13% alcohol content, this Cornas is both approachable in its youth and capable of maturing beautifully over the years. It pairs exceptionally well with hearty dishes such as grilled red meats, game, and rich stews, as well as with aged cheeses, offering a versatile option for various culinary experiences.

Presented in a 0.75L bottle, the Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou 2021 is not merely a wine; it is a celebration of the Dumien - Serrette family's dedication to the art of winemaking and the unique terroir of Cornas. It stands as a proud reflection of the winery's commitment to quality, tradition, and the expression of Syrah at its most authentic and expressive.

For those seeking to delve into the rich tapestry of Rhône wines, the Dumien - Serrette Cornas Patou 2021 offers an exceptional journey into the heart of Cornas. Its elegance, complexity, and distinctive character make it a compelling choice for wine enthusiasts and collectors alike, promising an engaging and enriching tasting experience.

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